Sustainable travel in Finland

Sisutrek offers adventurous trips in the North of Finland with a focus on experiencing nature. However, we cannot deny that tourism can have a significant impact on the environment and their surroundings. That’s why we take the necessary steps to minimize our ecological footprint.

We strongly believe that tourism can have a positive impact, both on nature and the local inhabitants.

Respect for nature

The Finnish nature is at the heart of all our trips. When we journey through it, our general hiking principle is “leave no trace.” We always adhere to the regulations of the protected national parks and, where necessary, follow existing trails. In areas where it is permissible, we ensure that we don’t disturb the wildlife and protect the flora. We also contribute a daily fee to Metsähallitus, the nature conservation authority. They are responsible for the overall protection and preservation of nature in Finland.

Local & Sustainable

In Finland, we always collaborate with local and small-scale organizations. Furthermore, we also have high standards for our partners. For instance, they are affiliated with Green Key and Travelife (programs with criteria related to recycling, energy, water, ethics, etc.). The meals at our locations are locally sourced: fresh fish, game, berries, and mushrooms. Some meals are vegetarian.

Low impact travel

During our trips, we opt for active forms of travel, powered by our own efforts, such as hiking and paddling. We aim to minimize the use of taxis/buses for transportation. We also deliberately choose small groups, ensuring that the impact we have on our surroundings is always minimal.

C02- compensation

When you book a trip with us, you also have the option to travel to Finland by car, train, or bus. If you choose a travel route without a flight, we are pleased to offer you a €100 discount.

As a newly established business, these are the initial logical steps we are taking to offer more sustainable travel options. However, we are also looking towards the future. We are currently working on creating trips where we actively contribute to nature conservation: carrying out management tasks, maintaining hiking trails, etc., while ensuring there’s ample time for relaxation included.

Is this something that would interest you? Give us a sign.