in Hossa National Park

On this multi-day snowshoe trip, we explore the wilderness of North-East Finland. We hike in Hossa National Park through snowy forests, across frozen lakes and over beautiful ridges. In this unpopulated area we find the vast boreal forest where nature still lives in harmony. There is no better place to discover the quietness and natural beauty of Finland.

This holiday takes place within an international group and will be led by Ruben or an expert local guide. English will be the primary language used for communication.


  • Far away from mass tourism
  • Active holiday
  • Chance to see the northern lights
  • Lunch around a campfire
  • Discover Hossa National Park
  • Daily sauna

Date: 16/02/25 – 22/02/25

09/03/25 – 15/03/25
Price: €1050 p.p.
Max. 12 participants
Guaranteed departure

Travel itinerary

Day 1: Arrival- Kuusamo 

After the airport transfer (~1 hour) you will be arriving in the evening in Hossa National Park. Hossa is well know for there vast nature with a lot of forest, swamps, lakes and rivers. We will be staying in Jatkonsalmi, a traditional lumberjack cabin located next to the lake. We get to know eachother and tomorrow the adventure starts!

Day 2: Rapids of Lounatkoski

After our breakfast we discuss the itinerary and the area. We learn how to put snowshoes on and about the different walking techniques. Fully prepared we start our first hike of the week.

Halfway we will enjoy our lunch at Lounatkoski, a rapid which was once used by an old watermill. Also nowadays hydropower is still essential for Finland’s energy mix. After the lunch we will climb up Jatkonvaara, a hill that tests our legs. Back at our cabin you can opt to refresh in the Finnish sauna. Those who dare can dip in the icehole – breath deeply in and out and enjoy the euphoric feeling.

Snowshoeing 7-8km, 6h

Day 3: Rock paintings

Today we will snowshoe back in time, discovering Finnish history. We will be visiting Värikallio, a cliff with one of the oldest rock paintings in all of Finland, dating back to 4 000 years old. After a short car transfer we start our snowshoe hike through the beautiful wintery forest.

We’ll eat our lunch around the open fire, expect warm soup, sandwiches and coffee or tea. In the evening there is again the opportunity to relax in the sauna and to enjoy the cosy atmosphere in our cabin thanks to the wooden fireplace.

Snowshoeing 7-8km, 6h

Day 4: Wilderness trek (Day 1) Jatkonsalmi – Peurapirtti/Hirvastupa

Today we leave the modern comforts from our lumberjack cabin behind and we leave for a 3-day wilderness trekking. The next 2 nights we will be sleeping in wilderness huts, without electricity or running water. Luckily a warm wooden fireplace, candlelight and an authentic wooden fired sauna will warm us up.

We start snowshoeing from our accomodation and make our own path through the vast snowfields of the beautiful taiga. While walking we often find traces of the elusive animals in this region: snowhare, reindeer, grouses, elk and otter. If we are lucky we might even find tracks from wolf, lynx or wolverine; the large predators that call the wild taiga their home.

Snowshoeing 7-8km, 6h

Day 5: Wilderness trek (Day 2) Peurapirtti/Hirvastupa – Huosiusjärvi/Iikoski

After our breakfast we put again our snowshoes on, onto the next wilderness huts. Today we will pass along hills, ridges and lakes. A perfect day to fully enjoy the Finnish nature. Breath deep in-and-out because we’re lucky to enjoy the purest air in the world. The many beard lichens are its witness.

Snowshoeing 8-9km, 6,5h

Day 6: Wilderness trek (Day 3) Huosiusjärvi/Iikoski – Jatkonsalmi

Today we snowshoe back to our basecamp. Halfway we will have lunch at the visitor centre of Hossa National Park. Here there is also a small souvenir shop. Upon airrival at our basecamp we enjoy once more the Finnish sauna and icehole. We finish with a celebratory dinner and reminesce on our week full of adventure.

Snowshoeing 6km, 5h

Day 7: Return home

We enjoy our breakfast after which we hop on the taxi towards the airport (~1h). Expected arrival in your home country: in the evening. 

Attention: Due to the unpredictability of the weather and because of logistical reasons can, if needed, the chronology of the accommodation/activities be changed, and in case of force majeur be adjusted.


Price: €1050 p.p., with shared group accommodation, rooms per 2-4 persons. Shared bathroom.
In the wilderness huts we overnight with all of us shared over 2 huts.  

Pre-registration by contacting us at Confirmation afterwards by making a deposit of €300. The remaining amount must be paid at the latest 8 weeks before departure.

This price includes: 

  • All accommodation: day 1-3 and 6 in a traditional lumberjack cabin. Day 4 and 5 in wilderness huts without electricity or running water.
  • Local transport (airport transfers and to Värikallio)
  • All meals (6x breakfast, 4x campfire lunch, 1x lunch, 6x diner (= snack if late arrival on day 1)
  • All mentioned activities, including a professional wilderness guide
  • Daily use of the Finnish sauna, 3x with an icehole
  • Luggage transport between the accomodations
  • Linnen and towels
  • Sleeping bag and liner (2 nights in the wilderness hut)

This price is exclusive: 

  • Transport to Finland, Kuusamo (flight ticket, transport to local airport,…). From €600. (Please contact us before booking your flight ticket, this way we can ensure that all participants have the optimal flight schedule.)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Extra drinks and snacks (soda, alcohol, crisps,…)


  • Rental of snow boots €20/week
  • Rental of snowshoes and poles €40/week

Special cancellation conditions: 

  1. For cancellations up to 8 calendar weeks before the start of the trip, the deposit (€300) will be charged.
  2. For cancellations between 8 and 4 calendar weeks before the start of the trip, 50% of the travel costs will be charged. 
  3. For cancellations less than 4 calendar weeks before the start, we are obliged to charge 100% of the travel costs.

Maximum of 12 participants. We deliberately focus on small groups with a personalized approach.

Sneeuwschoenen in Hossa

Book your adventure in the North

Packing list

Essential items:

  • Thermal underwear
  • Beanie, scarf/buff, liner gloves and mittens
  • Woolen socks
  • Sturdy warm hiking boots (also for rent)
  • Outdoor clothing (baselayer, midlayer & outer shell)
  • Headlamp
  • Thermos bottle (min. 0,7l)
  • Day backpack
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra towel
  • Swimwear
  • Toiletry bag
  • Wallet (debit/credit cards, identification, insurance, etc.)
  • Mobile phone + charger and possibly a power bank

Remember, layering clothing with synthetic or woolen fabrics is the best way to handle the dry Finnish cold. Read our advice how to dress in winter.

Feel free to contact us for further advice or questions.


For who is this trip for? 

This trip is for anyone who loves to explore a winter fairyland in an active way. It’s perfect for those who enjoy hiking in the summer and want to experience it in the winter too.

What fitness level do I need? 

Anyone with an average to good fitness level can participate. The snowshoeing trek covers an average of 8km per day, which is about 5-6 hours of active outdoor time. It’s important that you don’t have any injuries that would hinder your ability to walk.

During this trip, you won’t need to carry a heavy backpack. Luggage transport is provided during the three-day wilderness trek.

What is the comfort level? 

The main accommodation is a large traditional lumberjack cabin with modern amenities. This means that there is electric heating and running water. There are shared bathrooms and room arrangements for 2 to 4 people. You will be assigned a room per booking (couples/friends) or paired with another traveler of the same gender. There’s a sauna with an ice hole.

In the wilderness hut, we heat with a wood stove. The sauna is traditional and wood-fired. We all sleep together here, divided over two huts.

All meals are included in this trip, and you’ll get to experience Finnish cuisine.

Is there a chance to see the Northern Lights?

Under clear skies, there’s always a chance to witness the Northern Lights. We’ll closely monitor the predictions together with you.

I’m sensitive to the cold, is this trip something for me? 

Absolutely! The Finnish cold has low humidity, making it quite bearable. It’s important to dress in layers and pay attention to your hands, feet, and face.

You can also rent winter boots to keep your feet warm.

Are there still spots on this trip? 

As long as the message fully booked is not shown at the top of the page there are still spots available. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested:

I’d like to travel on a different date. Is this possible? 

Upon request, it’s possible to join an international group on different dates. Please get in touch with us.