Cross-country skiing in Eastern Finland

During this cross-country skiing expedition, we’ll cover a distance of 100 km over 5 days through the wilderness of Northeast Finland. Our journey commences in Hossa National Park, from where we venture into the remote Martinselkonen Nature Reserve, surrounded by the serene beauty of the boreal forest. Throughout this adventure, we’ll reside in three authentic guest lodges, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in Finnish culture.

This holiday takes place within an international group and will be led by Ruben or an expert local guide. English will be the primary language used for communication.


  • Cross-country skiing away from the masses
  • Active nature immersion
  • Chance to witness the Northern Lights
  • Lunches around the campfire
  • Expert guide
  • Daily sauna

Date: 02/03/25 – 08/03/2025

23/03/25 – 29/03/25

Price: €1200 p.p.
Max. 12 people

Guaranteed Departure

Travel itinerary

Day 1: Arrival- Kuusamo 

After the airport transfer (~1 hour), you’ll arrive in the evening at Rajakartano, a guest lodge near Hossa National Park. Hossa is renowned for its vast nature, including forests, swamps, lakes, and rivers. We’ll have a brief introduction; the adventure begins tomorrow!

Day 2: Day trip in Hossa National Park 17 km

After breakfast, we’ll start cross-country skiing on the numerous trails of Hossa National Park. Hossa offers ancient forests, rivers, lakes, eskers, and hills. The terrain is diverse, featuring some steep but mostly short hills.

We’ll have lunch at the visitor center, where you can also purchase some souvenirs.

Once back at the guest lodge, we’ll enjoy the sauna by the lake. You can cool off in the ice hole – take a deep breath and savor the euphoric feeling.

Day 3: Day trip Martinselkonen 17 km

Today, we’ll take a short drive (45 minutes) to the Martinselkonen Wilderness Center, where we’ll spend the next 2 nights. Over the coming days, we are going to explore the Martinselkonen Nature Reserve, known for its unique marshes teeming with birds and insects. It’s a beautiful landscape with peatlands, ponds, lakes, ancient forests, and trees adorned with lichen.

After a few hours on skis, we’ll enjoy lunch by an open fire. There’s also a wilderness hut where we can take shelter in case of bad weather. In the evening, we’ll relish the wood-fired sauna. Will you make a snow angel?

Day 4: Day trip Martinselkonen 23km

Today, we embark on a day trip heading south. We’ll cross-country ski across frozen lakes, marshes, and through beautiful forests. In this stunning, snow-white landscape, we’ll feel like we’re truly alone in the world. The only sounds we’ll hear are the skis gliding and the ski poles touching the snow.

Day 5: Martinselkonen – Arola 22km

After breakfast, we bid farewell to our hosts and set out to cross the nature reserve heading north. It’s an ideal day to once again fully immerse ourselves in nature. Along the way, we’ll frequently come across tracks from snow hares, reindeer, moose, or otters. With a bit of luck, we might even encounter tracks from wolves, lynxes, or wolverines—the large predators that inhabit this region. We’re also in the area with the largest bear population in Finland; however, the king of the forest is still enjoying its hibernation. In the afternoon, we’ll arrive at the Arola guest lodge, known for their delicious traditional cuisine.

Day 6: Day trip Arola 20km

Today, we embark on a day trip around Arola. We’ll have lunch around the campfire at the halfway point. In the afternoon, we’ll be warmly welcomed back at Arola, where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the Finnish sauna once more. We conclude the day with a delightful farewell dinner made from local ingredients.

Day 7: Return home

We enjoy our breakfast after which we hop on the taxi towards the airport (~1h). Expected arrival in your home country: in the evening. 

Attention: Due to the unpredictability of the weather and because of logistical reasons can, if needed, the chronology of the accommodation/activities be changed, and in case of force majeur be adjusted.


Price: €1200p.p., with shared group accommodation, rooms per 2-4 persons. Shared bathroom.

Pre-registration by contacting us at Confirmation afterward by making a deposit of €300. The remaining amount must be paid at the latest 8 weeks before departure.

This price includes: 

  • All accomodation in three different charming guest lodges. Room divided by 2 – 4 people, shared facilities. Day 3 & 4 own bathroom.
  • Local transport (airport transfer and transfer between the accommodation)
  • All meals (6x breakfast, 4x campfire lunch, 1x lunch, 6x dinner (= snack if late arrival on day 1)
  • Alle vermelde activiteiten inclusief deskundige Engelstalige begeleiding
  • Snowmobile guide who makes a private skiing track for day 3 – 6
  • Daily sauna possibilities, 1x with ice hole
  • Luggage transport between the guest lodges
  • Linnen and towels
  • Skiwax

This price is exclusive: 

  • Transport to Finland, Kuusamo (flight ticket, transport to local airport,…). From €600. (Please contact us before booking your flight ticket, this way we can ensure that all participants have the optimal flight schedule.)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Extra drinks and snacks (soda, alcohol, crisps,…)


  • Rental of cross-country skiing equipment (shoes, poles and ski’s) €70

Special cancellation conditions: 

  1. For cancellations up to 8 calendar weeks before the start of the trip, the deposit (€300) will be charged.
  2. For cancellations between 8 and 4 calendar weeks before the start of the trip, 50% of the travel costs will be charged. 
  3. For cancellations less than 4 calendar weeks before the start, we are obliged to charge 100% of the travel costs.

Maximum of 12 participants. We deliberately focus on small groups with a personalized approach.

Langlaufen doorheen de natuur in het noorden

Book your adventure in the North

Packing list

Essential items:

  • Thermal underwear
  • Beanie, scarf/buff, liner gloves and mittens
  • Woolen socks
  • Cross-country skiing equipment (also for rent)
  • Outdoor clothing (baselayer, midlayer & outer shell)
  • Headlamp
  • Thermos bottle (min. 0,7l)
  • Day backpack
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra towel
  • Swimwear
  • Toiletry bag
  • Wallet (debit/credit cards, identification, insurance, etc.)
  • Mobile phone + charger and possibly a power bank

Remember, layering clothing with synthetic or woolen fabrics is the best way to handle the dry Finnish cold. Read our advice how to dress in winter.

Feel free to contact us for further advice or questions.


For who is this trip for?

This trip is for anyone who loves cross-country skiing and wants to do it far away from tourist hotspots. It’s an active and unique way to explore the natural beauty of Finland.

What kind of ski trip is this?

This is a cross-country skiing trip, so not alpine skiing or off-track backcountry skiing. We’ll be cross-country skiing in the classic style within a prepared trail. Freestyle skiing is not possible. Skis with a width of 44mm are the best choice and can be either waxable or non-waxable.

The track will be prepared specifically for this group. It’s not a maintained route and has a high wilderness factor.

What kind of fitness is needed? 

Anyone with an average to good level of fitness can participate. The distances range from 17-23 km, and the skiing time, including breaks, is about 5-7 hours. We assume that you already have some experience in cross-country skiing. If you don’t, then you should have previous experience in other balance sports (such as skiing, ice skating, etc.) and be willing to learn quickly, with a few falls along the way.

The terrain is relatively easy, with not too steep hills. The route mainly passes through forests, lakes, and swamps.

During this trip, you won’t need to carry a heavy backpack. Luggage transport will be provided throughout.

What is the comfort level? 

The accommodation consists of 3 different guest lodges, each with their own charm. The bathroom is shared, and room assignments are typically for 2 to 4 people. You’ll either be assigned a room based on your booking (couple/friends) or be placed with another traveler of the same gender. A sauna is always available at each location.

All meals are included in this trip, and you’ll have the opportunity to experience and taste the Finnish cuisine.

Is there a chance to see the Northern Lights?

Under clear skies, there’s always a chance to witness the Northern Lights. We’ll closely monitor the predictions together with you.

I’m sensitive to the cold, is this trip something for me? 

Absolutely! The Finnish cold has low humidity, making it quite bearable. It’s important to dress in layers and pay attention to your hands, feet, and face.

Are there still spots on this trip? 

As long as the message fully booked is not shown at the top of the page there are still spots available. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested:

I’d like to travel on a different date. Is this possible? 

Upon request, it’s possible to join an international group on different dates. Please get in touch with us.