About Sisutrek

Sisutrek is a travel organization dedicated to providing an authentic and active nature experience in Finland.

Go off the beaten path, away from mass tourism, and embrace the absolute silence. Our mission is to give back to both nature and the local community through sustainable ecotourism. Whether it’s winter or summer, we have the perfect adventure for you.

About Sisutrek

Sisutrek offers guided trips in the far north of Finland during both summer and winter. These carefully curated travel experiences are developed in collaboration with local partners and designed with sustainability in mind. We maintain a small-scale approach to deliver a high-quality service.


Similar to hygge”and fika, sisu is a typical concept from the North. Loosely translated, it means determination and courage, taking action even when the outcome is uncertain. Above all, it’s about remaining optimistic when things get tough. In the wilderness, through all weather conditions, that’s where Sisu truly shines.

Trek refers to the active way we explore the beautiful Finnish nature. On foot, by skis, or paddling – it’s our ideal way to explore the beautiful landscape of the far North.

Our logo

The twinflower (Linnaea borealis) is named after the renowned biologist Carl Linnaeus, often referred to as the father of taxonomy.

For us, it symbolizes the vast Finnish nature, with its grand forests, countless lakes and ponds, hills, and valleys. In the boreal forest, just like us, the twinflower thrives.

Often overlooked, yet incredibly beautiful. Judge for yourself on one of our summer trips.

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